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Please feel free to use this tool to easily email your Member of Parliament to let them know your feelings about modern day establishment racism. Copy the text below and email it to your MP. You can also enter your UK postcode to quickly find the contact details for your MP.

If you feel there is a better way to word this letter, please email me at jonny@jxn.co. Learn more about the state of contemporary hate and prejudice by actively listening to the people embedded in it, not to me. A good place to start may be the Institute of Race Relations.

Note: It is always important to understand how people are using your private data. This webpage does not store, process or track any information about you. If you choose to enter your postcode below, it will only be used to find your local MP using publicly available information.

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RE: Your response to racism
Dear <Your MP's Name>,

Like so many others, I am outraged by the continued discrimination of Black and Minority Ethnic groups by the establishment as highlighted by the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd in the USA.

Tragically, dehumanisation and discrimination happens around the world, in the UK, and in <Your Constituency>. I am writing to urge you to do everything within your power as a Member of Parliament to acknowledge, vocalise and address the systemic racism and all forms of discrimination.

If you have time, I would very much appreciate it if you could respond to this email with any information about the work you intend to carry out. I also invite you to propose any way in which I can support this work.

Sincerely your constituent,
<Your Name>
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